When the City of Oakland, CA assumed ownership of the 7th & Campbell property in November 2013, it had no plan for development and no money to develop the Property. Oakland & The World Enterprises, Inc. entered into an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the City to develop the Property in November 2014. With the consultation of urban planners and our Advisory Board, OAW constructed a multi-phased plan for development. A plan that prioritized the needs of the historic community of West Oakland and green architectural design and construction.

The first phase which is in progress now, is the West Oakland Farm. We have invested some of the funding received from Alameda County in November 2014 to turn this blighted space into a green, productive space only months after acquisition. The first phase is also projected to include the Tech Design and Support business, via transformation of the existing, dilapidated building on the Property into a center for both training our target population and providing direct support to small, medium and large Oakland businesses.

Later phases will include the Cooperative Housing component, Fitness Center, Grocery Store, Blues & BBQ Remix restaurant and entertainment venue and a Technology Center with on-demand manufacturing operations. Some of the businesses might be temporarily developed in container-based structures on the property.

West Oakland Farms

West Oakland Farms is located at 7th and Campbell in West Oakland. In late 2014 Oakland & the World Enterprises broke ground on its first business, West Oakland Farms. Our farm is owned and operated by formerly incarcerated individuals facing extreme economic barriers. Providing them a pathway to employment, business ownership and community development. Crops on our farm are produced through organically sustainable growing methods. Since 2015 we have served our clients and community with fresh produce grown in the rich soil of West Oakland.

In addition to serving clients West Oakland Farms also serves the community through bi-weekly free food giveaways. On Wednesdays and Fridays we share our food harvest with the residents of West Oakland.